Our values


Our offer is based on the partnership with selected wineries, which produce interesting and top-quality wines, guaranteeing a unique atmosphere and wine tasting experience.

We understand this partnership as a valuable relationship with you, the winemakers and us. In this context, the partnership triangle between winemakers, clients and our company is important and desired. Each part of this triangle thus has an irreplaceable function.


All winegrowers in this partnership are inspiring and  charismatic persons. They place the emphasis on the Small Carpathian region and the basis of their production are locally grown grapes. They declare their sincere interest in the development of the region, in building relationships with the local people and surroundings, they care about the restoration of vineyards, traditions and culture. Wine makers will personally present their products and their craft during the visit and you will also have the opportunity to visit the vineyards and taste the wine from the grapes that have grown there.


Those who like wine (or want to like it) and want to experience the charm and atmosphere of tasting wine. 

Native Slovakia

We are enthusiasts who love this region and therefore try to introduce it to those who are interested. We hope to show you this enjoyable region we live in by drawing attention to the connection of natural environment with human craft of vineyard cultivation and winemaking, traditions and rich history. We know the wineries in detail, we can choose winemakers according to your needs, interest, taste and type of entertainment. We can communicate information about wine production and wine varieties as a result of our personal experience and friendly relations with the given winemakers.