Small Carpathian Wine Region

Small Carpathian wine region is located in the southwest of Slovakia and has the largest area of registered vineyards in the country. The history of vine cultivation in the region is estimated to be over 2000 years, making it interesting wine tasting destination worldwide.

At present, the Small Carpathian wine region is divided into three sub-regions, which are further divided into twelve areas. The most famous sub-region spreads over the southwestern slopes of Small Carpathians, where the vine is grown in seven traditional wine areas: Bratislava, Pezinok, Modra, Doľany, Orešany, Senec and Trnava. The second sub-region is the region of Záhorie, which has three traditional areas, of which the most famous is probably Skalica, but apart from these areas, vines are also cultivated in the Zahorie and Stapava areas. The third sub-region is the lowlands and hillsides in the northern end of Small Carpathians, where high quality wines are produced in the areas of Vrbové and Hlohovec. The Small Carpathian wine region thus spreads over 120 villages from the south-west of Bratislava to Vrbové and from north-west from Skalica to Hlohovec.

Due to the geographically extensive region and the orientation of most of the slopes to the South-east and South-west, we can find here many unique sunny locations, which, combined with favourable clay-sandy soils, give birth to high-quality grapes, from which local winegrowers produce diverse wines. Given this variability, we have a lot of possibilities to compare tastes of different wines within micro-regions and areas of the Small Carpathian wine region.

The combination of specific historical and modern wine architecture and unique traditions, including typical gastronomy, gives a number of reasons why to fall in love with this region falls and discover its charm and wealth.

Our goal is to show you and share with you this charm and wealth, putting an emphasis on the variety of unique flavours, aromas and specificities of the region, which you will experience in each place of your visit. We will be glad to introduce several places in the region to you, each with its own unique genius loci, where you can please your taste buds and refuel your energy and escape from everyday stress and duties.

Since we love top-quality wine and we know our region and local winemakers, we can arrange wine tasting according to your preferences, either in small local cellars or, for comparison, in more modern and sophisticated wineries.

Each wine is specific according to the area where the grapes has grown - where it has been born and matured and processed by an experienced craftsman continues to care for it. Our wine makers will be happy to speak about all these moments of wine production process and let you taste their best products.